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The Optio was appointed by the Centurion as his second in command, to assist in the operations of the Century.  Optios typically were in charge of recruit training and unit record keeping, as well as directing troops from the rear of the unit in battle.  The Optio's equipment would have differed little from that of a line soldier, with a few marks of distinction
Helmet: Same Coolus style helmet as line soldier, typically thought to have carried a crest with side feathers as a mark of rank, though these may have only been worn in formal parade situations.
Armor: The optio would have been paid better than a typical soldier, so thier armor could be of whatever style they could afford, though would have differed little from that of the average soldier
Staff (Hastile): The mark of rank for the Optio, used as a means of discipline in training new troops and to keep troops in order on the march, though not typically used as a weapon, it is still a formidable item.
Ring:  The one item that distinguished an optio at all times was the large Optio's signet ring.  We use a red signet ring with 2 dolphins and an amphora, worn on the pinky finger.