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New Recruit

Basic Recruit Equipment:
Tunic (Tunica):
Essential item of the Roman soldier, typically made of wool
or heavy linen and either dyed a dark red or left undyed (this is a subject of tremendous debate, we have chosen to use red tunics).  Unbelted this tunic should reach the knees, but was typically bloused under a belt so that it sat at mid thigh.
Belt (Baeltus): The mark of the soldier.  This item was a very personal
addition to a soldiers kit, and were typically produced by individual soldiers.  During our period soldiers either wore a single wide (2") plain belt (very few plate decorations), or dual thinner (~1") crossed belts one to hold the dagger, the other to hold the gladius.  Also the apron of straps common in later belts was just starting to become popular during the reign of Augustus, so this style is optional as well.
Sandles (Caligae): Heavy leather sandles complete with hobnailed bottoms
for extra traction in battle. 
Name (Nomina): Yes this isn't equipment, but you will need to create a Roman name for yourself from this helpful list (just be wary to look at names used by other members and try not to duplicate).