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Legionary Equipment
All Equipment Required for a New Recruit, plus:
Helmet: An invaluable part of a soldiers protection, typically fashioned after a
Gallic style.  Those of the late republic/augustan era, were known as the Coolus style, and were made mostly of bronze. 
Armor : Legionaries in this period predominately wore chain mail shirts (lorica hamata), but by 30 BC soldiers began to use the segmented plate
armor (lorica segmentata) more typically associated with the legions of Rome.
Subarmalis (Sub-Armor): Leather or heavy linen padding worn under the armor for added protection.
Scarf (Focale): Neck wrap made of linen or wool to keep armor from chaffing at neck and shoulders, should be a dark green color.
Shoulder belt used to carry the gladius over the left shoulder when wearing the Lorica Segmentata.
Sword (Gladius): The most recognizable of all the equipment of a Roman
Soldier.  Those used in our period were of a longer heavily waisted style known as the Maintz or Fulham Gladius. 
Dagger (Pugio): A trusted backup to the gladius.  Useful in close quarters combat and also carried by soldiers while off duty. (this is an optional item).
Shield (Scutum): The third weapon in a legionaries arsenal, painted to match those of the legion as a mark of unit pride.  Shield styles were transitioning during this time from the larger Republican oval scutum to the shorter Augustan scutum with square top and bottom, both are acceptable. 
Javalin (Pilum): Heavy throwing javalin used to render opponents shields
worthless, also used as spears against calvary and elepants.