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Cold Weather Gear

Lets face it, this is Chicago so the following Kit is recommended for fall/winter/early spring:
Braccae: Roman breeches, or knee length pants made from wool.  Color varied, but natural or a brown shade is preferred. 
Udones: Roman socks, made from wool to cover the foot underneath the caligae.  These come in various forms, some with the toes and heals cut out, or just a simple foot wrap.
Paennula: Heavy wool hooded cloak.  Historical documents talk of legionarys in brownish yellow cloaks, so this is the color we accept, a brownish or mustard yellow.  These cloaks have toggles and straps up the front to keep them closed. 
Sagum: Simple wool cloak, used also as a bedroll.  Made of heavy wool and clipped over the right shoulder with a pin, colored similarly to the paennula.
Leg wraps: For extreme cold weather or deep snow the Romans adopted the "barbaric" style of woolen wraps to cover the leg from the socks to the breeches.  These were simple wool squares tied at the top and bottom.
Mittens: No archiological evidance is known of mittens, but a simple wool design would work if needed. 
Hat: The Pannonian Cap was used by Roman soldiers in extreme conditions and can resemble either a "Smurf" hat or a simple wool stocking cap.

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