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Auxiliary Soldier/Light Infantry
All Equipment Required for a New Recruit, plus:
Helmet: Of the same Coolus style of the regular Legionary, or of an older Montefortino style more common in the early 1st century BC but probibly still produced for auxiliary cohorts. Recommended suppliers: Soul of the Warrior, Kult of Athena
Armor: Auxiliary troops of this period were typically recruited from Gallic or German orgins and would reflect a native pattern of dress in thier uniform.  More "romanized" auxiliaries would, however, wear the typical red/white tunic.  Our use for Auxiliaries is for light infantry/skirmishers, thus no armor is required. Recommended suppliers: Imperium Ancient Armory, Soul of the Warrior, Kult of Athena
Shield (Clipus): Oval or round shaped flat shield. Recommended suppliers: We
can build these
Sword/Dagger: Light infantry were typically skirmishing forces, with thier primary weapons being light javalins or slings.  A sword is option (though recommended) and can either be of the same gladius style of the Legionary, of a longer Gallic or German design, or even just a simple short dagger or greek short sword. Recommended suppliers: Soul of the Warrior, Kult of Athena, Find-it-Armory
Javalin: Light, short, throwing darts used to harrass enemy soliders before and during battle.  Our light infantry will carry 2 or 3 of these carried clipped to the back of the shield. Recommended suppliers: Kult of Athena
Belt (Baeltus): Similar to Legionary belts of the period, though may be more of a Gallic or German style, or even a simple fabric or rope tie. Recommended suppliers: see Optio