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Welcome to Ancient Rome! 
The primary goal of Rome Chicago is to educate people of all ages about Imperial Rome and her armies.  By utilizing an entertaining, yet educational, format we make learning about the usually dry subject of history fun and exciting.  We are availible for school, park district, church, and independent presentations, and will tailor our format to fit your needs.
Areas of Concentration
- Roman History & Key Conflicts/Battles
- Roman Political and Social Structure
- Roman Military Tactics
Legionary Weapons, Armor and Training

As part of our presentation, we can change the number and complexity of topics based on the age group and setting, for younger kids we can make it more entertaining, while for schools we can make it more information intensive.
Teachers/Organizers Presentation Content Guide
As we are a historical reenactment group, we do possess reproductions of historical weapons and armor, including swords, throwing spears (javalin), daggers, shields, ect.  If you wish to use our group and have any special limitations on such equipment please let us know, as we can either do without, or use wooden or plastic weaponry instead.
For more information, or to book our group for a presentation please contact us at:
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