Our active members:
Senator Titus Cornelius Scipio

Matthew King
Young, ambitious, and part of a long line of prestigious Senators claiming the legendary Scipio Africanus as an ancestor.  A quiet proponent of the Rebublican system, Scipio tends to find himself caught between the warring factions, with his own cousin fighting along side Brutus and Cassius in Greece.  None the less, Scipio has chosen to remain in Rome, and through careful politics has avoided the proscriptions, and has gathered considerable power through his "support" for the Caesarians.
Virgo Vestalis Sabina
Sarah Brown
Taken from her family at the age of eight to join the Aedes Vestae, or Temple of Vesta, Sabina began her tenure as a Vestal Virgin with minimal enthusiasm. Desperately homesick, but unable to go back to her previous life, she delved into her studies to cope. Now out of her training, Sabina has been a loud voice and sympathetic ear for those that feel trapped by their circumstances, whether literally or figuratively. Widely known in Rome as a prolific pardoner of prisoners, she has gained many enemies amongst Sextus Pompey's camp, as well as Octavian's, especially after she secured the release of several members of Legio Decima.
Centurio Decimus Valerius Gallus
Pat Sanchez

Born to a peaceful upbringing in Hispania before the start of the Gallic Wars, Gallus' original profession was that of a Potter.  Originally recruited into Legio XXII, Gallus was recently promoted to Centurio and transferred to the depleted Legio X.  As the units Centurion, Gallus commands a varied group of seasoned veterans and raw recruits, a role his years of experience makes him ideal for.

Optio Quintus Licinius Aquilinus

Kevin Williams
One of the many veterans of Legio Decima fighting for Octavian and Marcus Antonius.  Recruited into the legion from the wealthy Licinii plebian family with a strong military and civil history, Aquilinus recieved high honors at Pharsalus and was promoted to Optio of the Prima Centuria, Secunda Cohort.  An avid supporter of republican traditions, yet true in his commitment to his legion and its legendary founder.
Titus Julianus
David Consdorf
Veteran gallic auxiliary of Caesar's wars against Pompey, granted citizenship upon Caesar's victory but re-joined the legion after the assasination of Caesar.  Titus adopted the name of his commander, dropping his native name in favor of Julianus.  A soldier of the legions first cohort, Julianus fights alongside the other veterans of the legion in this war of legion against legion.
Titus Artorius Gallienus
Michael Arndt
Second son of a prosperous blacksmith.  Learned the family trade, but it became apparent his father favored giving the famility business to his brother, thus prompting Titus to join the Legions.  Recruited into Legio X he used his blacksmithing skills to do metalworking that was required by his unit.  Over his years in the service of Rome he has become a battle hardened veteran.
Lucius Flavus Licianus
Bradley Robinette
One of the many young recruits drawn to Octavian's fight for the comman people.  Adopted cousin of Q. Aquilinus through family political dealings.  Lucius has joined the legions against the will of his family to be with his cousin.
Decimus Aurelius
Dustin Buse
Another recruit to the tenth, drawn into the legion after the shocking assasination of Caesar by the Senate.  An idealist by nature, believes in the Caesarian cause of greater rights to the common plebian, and feels fighting for the new triumvirate is key to restoring the true values of the people of Rome.  Recently had the distinction of carrying the units Vexillum while the Tenth held vigil at thier late founders eulogy.
Caius Largennius
Mike Tapavica
Evocati from the veterans of the early Gallic wars, had taken to his retirement in Narbo until the assasination of Caesar by the Senate.  With the assasination of his beloved general, Caius immediately re-enlisted in the legion at the request of Marcus Antonius. 


Caius Fabius
Ryan "Wally" Wollberg
Highly regarded by his unit as a bit of a comedian and satarist.  Has the distinction of being among the first ashore during the invasion of Britain. An undying supporter of the Caesarians and thier changes to the "old ways".
Veneris Ira
Unit Catapulta
Euthytone type arrow shooter built by the engineers of Legio Decima, Gaius Licinius Scaeva Cimentarius and Marcus Galerius Apparatarius.  Named Veneris Ira or Wrath of Venus by its crew, designating its use as a vengeance weapon to be used against the murderors of Caesar.  Capable of hurling shield piercing bolts over 200 feet with the power to skewer several men, she is a formidable weapon.  See the Artillery page for more pictures and a video demonstration of Veneris Ira in action.

Allies and Enemies
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